Any program provided by a non-profit or governmental body can qualify for Fondersmith funding. The deadline for applications is March 20. Grantees are also required to return an evaluation 9 months from the award date.

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Becoming a Council Member: 
Any high school student (sophomore to senior) in our service are is eligible to apply. 

All meetings, except site visits are held at the Foundation office at:
300 N. Main St., Suite 300, Middletown, Ohio 45042

Youth Advisory Council 

Summertime For Kids

Fondersmith Youth Programs

The Youth Advisory Council of Middletown Community Foundation awards funds for programs serving youth in the greater Middletown area. 

Students from high schools in Greater Middletown are encouraged to apply for membership on the council. Qualifying high schools are Bishop Fenwick, Edgewood, Franklin, Madison, Middletown, Middletown Christian and Monroe. Students attending Butler Tech or Warren County Technical are also eligible. 

Council members attend monthly meetings from September through May. Most meetings are site visits to organizations with youth programs such as YMCA and Salvation Army, or that serve children with special needs such as Abilities First.

* The Council meets during school hours on different days of the week and at different times to accommodate different class schedules. 

* No more than three excused absences are allowed during a school year. 

* Students provide their own transportation. Students often travel together from their school to meetings.

In May the Council awards grants for two types of youth programs: Summertime For Kids and Fondersmith Youth Programs.

Become a Council Member

Short-term programs that keep children busy in a safe, supervised environment when school is not in session. The deadline for applications is March 20. Grantees are also required in the fall to return an evaluation. The maximum request amount is $1,000.

Summertime For Kids

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