We have a pool of scholarship funds which are dedicated to Non-traditional Adults. To be eligible, you must currently be 25 years of age or older. Non-traditional Adults may apply once per year, applications are accepted between June 1 and June 30.These scholarships are one-time scholarships, meaning they do not automatically renew.

Non Traditional scholarships require two letters of reference. You must complete these items and click “submit application”  before your application is considered complete. All application information must be completely turned in by the appropriate due date before 11:59 PM. Until that time, you may make changes and additions to your application. By logging in, you can track your application to see what you have completed and what you still may need to complete before the deadline. Make sure that you use an email account that you actively and regularly check. This is the way you will be contacted by staff regarding missing items, awards and follow-up information. You will be required to answer essay questions. We STRONGLY suggest that you write the essays in a word processing program so that you can have them reviewed and edited, then cut and paste them into your online application in the appropriate space.

To complete the online application for Middletown Community Foundation Scholarships, you will need to assemble:

  • A PDF or Word Document showing your most recent grades and cumulative GPA.
  • A list of the courses you have completed toward your major and the grades you received.
  • A copy of your Student Aid Report which you received from FAFSA (What is this? Click here to see an example: EXAMPLE FAFSA)
  • Proof of enrollment
  • Answer these essay questions :
  1. Why did you choose your stated major? If undecided, please tell us in which area of interest you think you might focus. What are your future career plans?
  2. What ties do you maintain to the greater Middletown area?
  3. Please describe any extenuating circumstances that have impacted your ability to be involved in outside activities or which have created a financial burden that could affect your education.
  4. Why have you decided to return to school?
  • Print these releases, sign them , scan and upload the signed copies:

            High School and College Records Release

            Media Release

  • Have a current high resolution picture to upload


Can I submit a paper application? The Middletown Community Foundation does not accept paper applications for Adult Non-Tradiitonal or Upperclassman scholarships.

I do not have a FAFSA SAR. The FAFSA is available to fill out in October. We absolutely require that you upload your SAR to be considered for need based scholarships. If you have not heard from FAFSA before the scholarship deadline of February 14th, then you should report an EFC of $100,000 to ensure that your application is complete and you will not be considered for need-based scholarships. This number also sends a message to staff that you are declining or unable to upload an SAR.

When is the application due? The non-traditional adult scholarship deadlines are July1 at 11:59 PM Everything must be uploaded into your application by this time. After 11:59 the application will close. If you do not have a complete application, you will not be considered. No exceptions. We highly recommend that you aim to complete your initial application and click the “submit application” button at least one week before the deadline. 

When will I receive my check? We pay scholarships directly to your school. It is important that you give us the correct school name, bursar’s address, and student ID # within the application so that we can send payment on your behalf. If you withdraw from classes, or are not enrolled, the school is required to send the unused portion of your scholarship back to us.

Do I need to fill out a new application each time? Yes. The application will open on November 1 and June 1 of each year to allow a new group of applicants to apply. Because the non-traditional adult scholarships are non-renewable, you must fill out the application each time in order to be considered. Each cycle brings a new applicant pool. Previous winners are not guaranteed to win again.

This is not my first time applying. I have already given letters of reference. Do I really need to do this again? Yes. Most importantly, it completes your application in AwardSpring. Without them, you will not be applied to the Upperclassman Scholarship. In addition, it is advisable that you upload different letters of rec each time.

My email address has changed. We cannot transfer scholarship information to a new profile, so please DO NOT create a new account in AwardSpring. Try logging in using your old address and changing your email address from your current profile. If that does not work, call our offices and we can change your email address from the administrative side.

I have decided to change schools. CONTACT US at 513-424-7369. Our course of action will depend on how much processing we have done on your scholarship.

  1. If payment has not been mailed, we can process the change with little problem, although you will be moved to the bottom of the payment list and therefore your payment will be later than other students’.
  2. If payment has been mailed, you will need to contact the bursar’s office of your old school and remind them to mail the check back to us.
  3. If it’s the middle of the school year, your school is required to send any unused portion of the scholarship back to us. You need to contact the financial aid or bursar’s office to determine what the amount of your refund will be. If you withdraw after the school’s refund date, or if the school applied the entire scholarship payment to the first semester, you may not be entitled to a refund.

Only once we have received the original check back, or the unused payment has been refunded, can we process payment to your new school.

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