HS Senior Scholarship Applications Accepted December 14, 2022 - February 14, 2023

A note for parents: Scholarship applications are the student’s, not the parent’s, responsibility. Students entering college are expected to be able to function as adults. In many cases, this is your student’s first foray into scheduling, communicating and advocating for themselves. The committee is notified of all parental involvement and it will affect the committee’s ultimate recommendation for scholarship. The student should have and use their own email account. The phone number provided as primary contact should be the student’s (not parents’) primary number. If clarification is needed, the student should call or email to ask questions. Parents should limit involvement to proofreading the student’s essay if asked. In addition, if your student is already over the age of 18, we are prohibited from sharing or discussing this process with you.

The largest pool of scholarships we have available are for High School Seniors. Make sure that you use an email account that you actively and regularly check. This is the way you will be contacted by staff regarding missing items, interview times, awards and follow-up information.

There are two additional separate categories within the High School Seniors category: (1) Scholarships held and administered by The
Middletown Community Foundation and (1) Scholarship which is sponsored by the Cleveland-Cliffs Foundation: The Louie F. Cox Scholarship.

The application for High School Seniors will open
December 14, 2022 and close promptly February 14th at 11:59pm. We strongly encourage you to submit your initial information by February 1st in order to access all available scholarship opportunities available to you.



When is the application due? The high school scholarship deadline is February 14th at 11:59 PM. 

How do I answer the question “Which of the following best describes this application?” Several times you will be asked “which of the following best describes this application.” If you live within the Middletown Community Foundation service area (Middletown, Madison, Edgewood, Monroe, Franklin) or attend school in our area, you are eligible to apply for all our scholarships, which might also include the Cleveland-Cliffs Sons and Daughters Scholarship or the Louie F. Cox  Scholarship, you should answer the question accordingly throughout the application. If you are only eligible to apply for Cleveland-Cliffs Foundation supported scholarships, in other words, you do NOT live within the service area listed above, you should likewise answer accordingly.

I received a renewable scholarship. What do I have to do to renew? If you have received a renewable scholarship, you should be looking for an email from our system around May 15th. It is imperative that you keep your email address up to date in AwardSpring. The renewal email will provide a link to your account at AwardSpring. When you log in, you will see “Follow-up Items” that you must complete to activate your renewal payment. These items MUST be completed by June 15th. If there are submission errors, we will email you and give you a chance to correct the error when we process your renewal submission. If your scholarship is awarded based on your major and you have changed your major, we will not be able to renew your scholarship.

When I logged on to my dashboard on AwardSpring to complete my follow up items, it showed that I had an item needing completion-- which was the application! Do I need to fill out a new application? The application will periodically open to allow a new group of applicants to apply. If you have received a scholarship and are only fulfilling follow up requirements, you do not need to fill this out again.

My email address has changed. We cannot transfer scholarship information to a new profile, so please DO NOT create a new account in AwardSpring. Try logging in using your old address and changing your email address from your current profile. If that does not work, call our office at 513-424-7369 and we can change your email address from the administrative side.

I completed my follow-up items. When will my scholarship be paid? All follow-up items are due June 15th, for new scholarships and renewals. On June 15th we start reading and evaluating these submissions to begin processing payment. It takes 4-5 weeks to complete this task for all our scholarships. Scholarship checks are mailed out sometime between July 22nd and August 1st. We are aware that you have a payment deadline and are doing our best to meet it.

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