Our Trustees & Committees
The work at the Middletown Community Foundation is overseen by a volunteer Board of Trustees and several volunteer committees. These individuals represent the greater Middletown area and are not compensated for their service. Some, but not all, trustees are shown above.

The officers of the Community Foundation’s Board for 2017 are:
Carole Schul - Retired Early Childhood Educator

Patricia Miller Gage - Community Volunteer 

Robin Dennis - Clark Schaefer Hackett CPAs 
Lalisa Lawrence - Faurecia Emissions Control Tech


2017 Board Members
Melissa Benedict - AK Steel 
Cathy Bishop-Clark - Miami University Middletown 
Bill Brock - City Manager, City of Monroe 
Erica Clayton - Community Building Institute of Middletown 
Fred DeBiasi - American Savings Bank 
Tom Dowden - Retired salesman 
Karen Halsey - Better Built Construction 
Brenna Heller - All About PetCare 
John Kiser - Venture Medical 
Hon. Larry Mulligan - First Financial Bank/Mayor of Middletown 
Dan Sack - Retired consultant 
Andy Singer - Retired attorney 
Joan Stonitsch - Retired executive, Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics 
Christine Vaughan - Clark Schaefer Hackett CPAs 
Scott Zollett - Physician

The efforts of individual committees are also vital to the Community Foundation’s success. Our present standing committees are as follow:
Administrative Committee:  Carole Schul, President (Chair) Patricia Miller Gage, President-Elect; Robin Dennis, Treasurer; Lalisa Lawrence, Secretary; Larry Mulligan, Andy Singer (Richard Isroff, Immediate Past President, ex officio)

Finance and Investment Committee: Robin Dennis, Treasurer (Chair)  Don Pelfrey, Vice-Chair; Ken Cohen, Fred DeBiasi, Richard Isroff, John Kiser, Ed Opbroek, Barney Riesbeck, Bill Schaefer, Carole Schul, Christine Vaughan, Dennis Vitori, Kathleen Wourms
Distribution Committee: Patricia Miller Gage, President-Elect (Chair)  Melissa Benedict, William Brock, Erica Clayton, Nita Driscoll, Elaine Garver, Eleanor Gilmore, Brenna Heller, Dustin Hurley, Beth Hurst, Anita Scott Jones, John Kiser, Todd Moore, Cathie Mulligan, Larry Mulligan, Jr., Theresa Mulligan, Barney Riesbeck, Carole Schul, David Schul, Kim Scorti, Anita Shew, Verlena Stewart, Joan Stonitsch, Rev. Greg Tyus, Christine Vaughan, Mary Deas Wortley, Tom Wortley, Kathleen Wourms, Scott Zollett

Marketing Committee: Mary Johnson, (Chair) Cathy Bishop-Clark, Tom Dowden, Lee Hartman, Richard Isroff, Dan Sack, Carole Schul, David Schul, Joan Stonitsch, Dennis Vitori, Cathy Wiley
Scholarship Selection Committee: Carole Schul, (Chair)  Tom Dowden, Don Kelley, Bev Howard, Peggy McClusky, Dave Schul, Pat Ward
Nominating Committee: Jerry Banks, Fred DeBiasi, Richard Isroff, Sarah Kaup, John Peterson, Pat Schaefer, Carole Schul, Mike Scorti, Verlena Stewart, Dennis Vitori
Mary Maurer Volunteer of the Year Committee: Jacky Banks, Melissa Benedict,  Ginger Bruggeman, Eleanor Gilmore, Sarah Kaup, Joe Lyons, Kathy Romans, Carole Schul, John Wagner

Mary Jane Palmer Nunlist I Love Middletown Award Committee: Jacky Banks, Ginger Bruggeman, Nita Driscoll, Eleanor Gilmore, Sarah Kaup, Joe Lyons, Kathy Romans, Pat Schaefer, Carole Schul, Mary Deas Wortley

Resource Development Committee: Richard Isroff, (Chair)   Jerry Banks, Beth Brockman, Matt Close, Tom Dowden, Pat Edwards, Karl Gaston, Karen Halsey, Betsy Hanavan, Jim Kleingers, Lori Meibers, Todd Moore, Dan Sack, Carole Schul, Mike Scorti, Tom Scott, Verlena Stewart, Dennis Vitori, Andy Wendt, Larry Wood

Ready Leadership Council: Karen and David Shaffer, (Co-Chairs)  Jim and Jody Akers, Tina Breitenbach, Ken Cohen, Wilbur Cohen, Pat Edwards, Bob and Nancy Fairchild, Sharon Flagel, Patti Miller Gage, Stephen Hightower, Steve Hightower, Richard Isroff, Sarah Kaup, Cathie Mulligan, Jamie Murphy, Pat and William Schaefer, Carole and David Schul, Mike Scorti, Gene Snow, Lynne and Tom Wiley

Middletown Arts Festival Committee: Jackie Phillips, (Chair)  Lee Hartman, Angela Howard, Richard Isroff, Chris Lang, Connie Sandker, Suzanne Sizer, Mike Scorti

Women Enriching Lives Committee: Elaine Garver and Cathy Howell, (Co-Chairs)   Beth Hurst and Kitty Blattner, Signature Event Co-Chairs; Jo Ashworth, Robin Becker, Beth Brockman, Ginger Bruggeman, Betty Elworth, Nancy Fairchild, Patricia Miller Gage, Brenda Gehm, Cari Hillman, AJ Huff, Maria Langendorf, Lalisa Lawrence, Gayle Martz, Anne Potteiger, Hon. Kathleen Dobroszi Romans, Fran Sack, Lynnette Schluter, Linda See, Marci Sorrell, Sandi Thimpson, Suzi Vitori, Kathryn Wood

If you would like to be considered for involvement on one of our committees, please call us and let us know!l reports.

Our Trustees