BE THEIR HERO- Make a Difference Today

1. We’re local. 

We help people, businesses and organizations give locally to make a difference through effective philanthropy.

2. We know our communities. 

We’re in touch with their most pressing needs and initiate programs and grants to address them.

3. We focus on longevity. 

We’re built on the idea of permanence. Your endowment gifts are being used to better the community and are managed professionally to meet changing future needs.
4. We’re flexible. 

Our services offer donors maximum choice in what assets to give, to whom to give them, and the organizations and causes you wish to support.
5. We’re economical. 

We’re built to be one charitable entity comprising many individual funds. By pooling these resources, we can effectively manage funds for many different charitable purposes while investing these funds to grow your gifts.
6. We provide tax advantages.

Gifts and bequests to MCF receive maximum charitable income and estate tax benefits.
7. We are accountable stewards. 

For decades, MCF has existed to serve the community with an impeccable record of honoring donor intents and stewarding gifts.
8. We serve donors great and small. 

Become a member for as little as $50 and begin making a difference today.

At the Foundation we’re proud of the work we do. Our business is connecting people who care with causes that matter. Since 1976, donors have entrusted the Middletown Community Foundation with the financial capital to serve as a community leader, a catalyst and a resource for philanthropy.