• Executive Director/CEO -                     Dr. Sarah Nathan 
  • Program Officer -                               Sarah Watson
  • Program Officer -​                               Cassie Brown

According to a national study,* the Middletown Community Foundation was:
 • the No. 1 most active community foundation in Ohio, which has 80 community foundations!
 • the No. 21 most active foundation in the United States, which has more than 750 community foundations! (Our fourth year in a row to make the national top 100!)
 • ranked for the first year ever in the top100 for per capita giving, at No. 59, with approximately $44 in gifts received per resident we serve in our communities.

Our Staff

Our Mission

If you live in the metro area, you can stop by one of our offices for a health and well being consultation. However, don’t worry if you don’t live near us. The majority of our information and services are available on this website, and we list events you can attend nationwide.

To secure PERMANENT and GROWING ASSETS for the area’s changing needs.  

The Middletown Community Foundation was incorporated as a component of the United Way in 1976. It grew slowly until 1986 when it became a free-standing foundation. Elliot and Mae Levey challenged the community to match their $1 million donation and create a true community foundation. Middletonians committed $6.7 million and continue their generous support. Since then, assets have grown to more than $41 million.

We Connect People Who Care with Causes that Matter in:

Franklin, Madison, Monroe, Trenton and Middletown

Did you know...?

Our Trustees

The Youth Advisory Council of Middletown Community Foundation awards funds for programs serving youth in the greater Middletown area. 

Students from high schools in Greater Middletown are encouraged to apply for membership on the council. Bishop Fenwick, Edgewood, Franklin, Madison, Middletown, Middletown Christian and Monroe. Students attending Butler Tech or Warren County Technical are also eligible. 

Youth Advisory Council